UDA Crime Boss Jim Gray – Who Killed Him?

Rebel Voice is unsure if anyone really cares who killed a member of a drug gang that specialized in sectarian murder. But Jim Gray and his associates in the UDA played a role in a conflict that cost the lives of many Nationalist civilians. They also preyed upon their own community as their drugs and […]

Irish Photos Of Modern Conflict

This is a fine assortment of photographs from the war fought between militant Irish Republicans and the British forces and their proxies in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC). The pictures show militant Republicans, as well as British squaddies and their friends and allies among the terrorists of Unionist paramilitarism. – If you care, give it […]

Unionist Bigots Force Six Counties To Brink, 1974

This short documentary looks at the Workers Council Strike of 1974, when embittered Unionists in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland decided to protest against the power-sharing Sunningdale Agreement. Both mainstream Unionists and paramilitaries, as well as elements from the RUC and UDR, stood together at illegal roadblocks in a demonstration of their bigotry and […]

TARA – Paramilitary Group With Unionist Paedophiles

In the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) of Ireland, there  is an alphabet soup of Unionist paramilitary organisations that have existed since the foundation of that particular sectarian gerrymander. Many have been listed in the Rebel Voice Book Review section when the book, UVF, was dealt with. One of those mentioned was the shadowy and little […]

UVF – Behind The Mask

UVF – Behind The Mask   by Aaron Edwards This is an in-depth examination of the British Unionist terrorist group known as the Ulster Volunteer Force who carried out a campaign of murder and sectarian violence in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland over the course of more than 40 years. At time of writing, […]

Remembering How Unionist ‘King Rat’ Wright Was Eliminated

It’s interesting to hear how the Establishment politicians of the day were at pains to condemn the killing of the ruthless Unionist terrorist, Billy Wright. It was long suspected that the King Rat, as he became known, was an agent for the colonial forces of the British state. He was believed to have been assisted […]

Red Hand Commando Want To Be Accepted As Legit Community Group

Rebel Voice is posting this half-assed promotion video of the terrorist group known as the Red Hand Commando due to the recent announcement that the group is applying for status as a ‘Community Group’, as reported in today’s Irish News paper. It is laughable that such an unprincipled terror squad should believe that they would […]

Unionists And Nazis Together Again

You would be forgiven for thinking that Stephen Hawking introduces this short video. However, the tiny village of Feeny has been included on the map of the OSC, so perhaps Hawking is now resident in the Sperrins…

Orange Love Ulster Bigots To Try Again?

In today’s Irish News we can see how that arch-bigot, Will.I.Am (a wanker) Frazer, has declared that he is intending to hold another ‘Love Ulster’ march in Dublin in September. Although Frazer is accepted by many as a clown of the highest order, I think it worthwhile to remember just how much anger can be […]

British State Forces And Their Unionist Paramilitary Partners

For anyone who wants to receive true insight into some of the disgraceful methods used by British state forces and their proxies within the paramilitaries of Unionism, I suggest that you first read this book, Lethal Allies, by the English journalist, Anne Cadwallader. It did not get the publicity that it deserved, upon release, due […]

George Seawright Burns In Hell

More youthful readers may not have heard of the Scottish bigot, George Seawright, who was a member of the DUP and a Unionist paramilitary member of the UVF. This computer generated audio gives a brief description of his life and death. Seawright was a sectarian bigot of the worst kind. I recall when he was […]