Red Hand Commando Want To Be Accepted As Legit Community Group

Rebel Voice is posting this half-assed promotion video of the terrorist group known as the Red Hand Commando due to the recent announcement that the group is applying for status as a ‘Community Group’, as reported in today’s Irish News paper.

It is laughable that such an unprincipled terror squad should believe that they would qualify for such public acceptance. However, given the nature of the idiots currently residing in Downing Street, nothing is impossible.

In the video, we see (apparent) armed members of the group walking through a wooded area (which resembles a small park near Carrickfergus). Reliable sources have notified Rebel Voice that the terrorists shown became disorientated and subsequently got lost in the trees. The terrified and trembling killers were saved from a slow death when a three year old boy, named Keith, found them as he was retrieving his football.

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