On Ireland

Despair ye who dare, for the subjugated majority who have lost their national self-respect, who would yet grovel to feed and fuel the low self-esteem of the Irish people.

…yet a flame of patriotism burns fiercely, a torch carried doggedly by the few who know;

the few with the confidence of an unbeaten minority;

the few who proudly keep the knowledge of potential, and who hold bravely and fearlessly to the only truth that matters, the truth that centuries of occupation, domination and pathetic yet partial subjugation of the ignorant, the cowardly, the corrupt and selfish  nationals, could not kill;

the truth that socialist republicans bear today in the face of empty capitalist and imperialist adversity,

anáil a Ghaidheil, air a mhullach.

(breath of the Gael, on the summit)

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