Time’s Insidious Dreams

Time’s Insidious Dreams



Bump… bump…

I touch the walls

to feel them stretch and give.

I sense the muffled sounds,

the rhythmic thump, thump,

around, all around. Here I am.

Now I am…able…to hear.



To sway. To stumble. To fall. Not far.

Tenaciously tearing at cushions.

Calling for more. Shouting no.

So on I run from childhood’s humble dreams,

where innocence fades into Time. There it is.



A dry throat and butterflies

as I quickly glance into her eyes

and turn away, now unsure,

suddenly a child again,

so insecure and so…afflicted

with deep desires now unrestricted,

for she has needs and I will please.

Together now, we stumble on

to break new ground;

fumbling fools we cease to be.

We build our dreams quietly.

And in the hush…



He appears, so wee, so loud.

He commands and we obey

and all shed tears.

And now you lay his wrinkled head

upon your breast.

A bundle grown and changing form

to fly your arms and into harm

not yet real.

The sands do steal your precious brood.

Your eyes they glisten.

So press your cheek against my chest, a stór,

And listen…



A granny now, my dear, mó ghrá mór still.

They’ll soon be here.

Tiny feet will scamper forth and fill our hearts.

A precious tomorrow.

Can’t chase now as once I could.

But still can tickle a wriggling, giggling angel

‘til sleep intrudes upon our fun.

And now I’m done.

Then I hear…



Awaken mavoureen.

‘Tis late we slept and the sun is high.

I see your smile.

Awaken mó chroí.

We’ve much to do.

You feel so cold.

Come close so I…



Here I am. Passing slow.

The replayed times fresher now

as further back I go.

I come closer. Hold my hands.

I hear her whisper.

Listen too, for it’s meant for you

to ease the grief

that Time the thief bestows

on all, who hold with such.

Be not afraid to let me go

for much has passed

and none shall last

but for the bonds

beyond the flesh.

Continue on.

Ad infinitum.




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