The Wedding

                           The Wedding


The sheltered grassy haven, encircled by a stream,

Caught memories of old, now held in time,

Where Elfin folk would play, would dance, their music of a dream,

The storied sounds now cast upon a rhyme.


Summer smiles upon her lot and welcomes down the sun,

To warm the hearts, there carried by the breeze.

A gentle beat, accompaniment, to aid the waters run,

The wave applauds the gathering ‘neath the trees.


They wait, they watch, they see, unseen, they feel emotion strong

And sense the current, pure, the passion bright.

They know the words, the energy, though it has been so long

Since mortal words hath drawn them from the night.


The piper plays though not for them, it matters not, they dance.

They can’t forget the ancient melodies,

For Fairy folk they love the pipes and Fairy folk they love romance

And Fairy folk send portents when they’re pleased.


The coupled hearts beat fast and true, their tears the tears of love,

Their words are faint, drowned out by those unspoken.

The portent flutters gently on descending from above,

To crown the gift of vows and bonds unbroken.


Sweetly does the Butterfly relay the Elfin glee,

Softly does it tell of their delight.

Nature has been honoured with honest harmony,

The mortal pair stand swathed in Nature’s light.


The ribboned bands that bind the hands do bind the souls anew,

The brism sweeps misfortune from their days.

Beginning so, continue on, the ancient ways renewed,

The Guardians now to guide upon the ways.


The Clans they rise and speak aloud, the couple now entwined,

The Fairy folk they smile in admiration.

The Scottish King and Irish Queen, they move, their path divined,

The Regents of both flesh and Elfin nation.


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