UDA Crime Boss Jim Gray – Who Killed Him?

Rebel Voice is unsure if anyone really cares who killed a member of a drug gang that specialized in sectarian murder. But Jim Gray and his associates in the UDA played a role in a conflict that cost the lives of many Nationalist civilians. They also preyed upon their own community as their drugs and […]

United Irishmen 1798 – The Birth Of Irish Republicanism

It is one of the greatest tragedies of Irish history that the momentum of the United Irishmen, who fought for freedom, was lost. In 1798, men and women of all religious persuasions set aside their long-held differences to stand together and fight for a free and independent Irish Republic. The leaders of the 1798 Rising […]

TARA – Paramilitary Group With Unionist Paedophiles

In the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) of Ireland, there  is an alphabet soup of Unionist paramilitary organisations that have existed since the foundation of that particular sectarian gerrymander. Many have been listed in the Rebel Voice Book Review section when the book, UVF, was dealt with. One of those mentioned was the shadowy and little […]

UVF – Behind The Mask

UVF – Behind The Mask   by Aaron Edwards This is an in-depth examination of the British Unionist terrorist group known as the Ulster Volunteer Force who carried out a campaign of murder and sectarian violence in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland over the course of more than 40 years. At time of writing, […]

Orangeman Carson Must Follow General Lee Into Oblivion

There is a movement across the US to remove all statues of General Lee, the Confederate who fought to preserve slavery. One such monument has already been torn down in Durham, North Carolina. Understandably, General Lee is offensive to those in the black community. In the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) of Ireland, we have a […]

Bonfires Of Unionist Vanities

Recent news of the seizure of bonfire material for Republican pyres to commemorate the introduction of internment in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) in 1971, has served to highlight the great injustice that still exists at the heart of the sectarian statelet here. In the period from 2011 until 2011, the NIEA (OSC Environmental Agency) […]

Orange Love Ulster Bigots To Try Again?

In today’s Irish News we can see how that arch-bigot, Will.I.Am (a wanker) Frazer, has declared that he is intending to hold another ‘Love Ulster’ march in Dublin in September. Although Frazer is accepted by many as a clown of the highest order, I think it worthwhile to remember just how much anger can be […]

Catholic School Principal Kissing Orange Ass

The following article is taken from the Belfast Telegraph. It concerns the idiocy involved in the head of Jarlath Burns, a Gaeilgeoir, former Gaelic footballer and current principal of a Catholic secondary school in south Armagh. Burns is well known for his support of the Orange Order. He has brought his pupils to museums dedicated […]

Iris(h) Robinson And Gaybashing

In this report, we hear of Iris’s ‘mental health’ issues. I do wonder if there is any substance in the claims. It appears, from the outside, that Iris is deemed mentally unwell because she decided to get her end from a young man half her age, and got caught in the process. If Peter had […]

Sectarian Orders Abusing Catholics

Here are some reminders of the vile conduct of the ‘Loyal Orders‘ as they engage in sectarian abuse directed towards Catholics. Some attitudes are just too deeply embedded for us to expect change. Ban the Sectarian Orders from all public places.   Here is yet another incident:   In this next clip, we can hear […]