Iris(h) Robinson And Gaybashing

In this report, we hear of Iris’s ‘mental health’ issues. I do wonder if there is any substance in the claims. It appears, from the outside, that Iris is deemed mentally unwell because she decided to get her end from a young man half her age, and got caught in the process. If Peter had decided to shag a young woman, would he have been deemed a lunatic or just a jammy bastard?

Perhaps it is her marriage to Peter Robinson and her membership of the DUP and her claims to be a fundamentalist Christian that would better qualify her to claim to be mentally unwell.

In any event, we hear little about her today, as we hear little about her clown hubby. Is it appropriate that they should be forgotten, given their disgraceful attitudes towards those of the Green tradition in the OSC?

I think not and so provide a reminder of the scandal that befell the prominent Unionist house of Robinson. Personally, I don’t believe that either Peter or Iris have changed one bit, other than they might now sleep in separate bedrooms… and houses… and countries… (I wonder if Iris has humped Mickey Mouse yet).

Here’s another reminder:

And finally, where would be be without a little musical whimsy:

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