Sectarian Orders Abusing Catholics

Here are some reminders of the vile conduct of the ‘Loyal Orders‘ as they engage in sectarian abuse directed towards Catholics. Some attitudes are just too deeply embedded for us to expect change.

Ban the Sectarian Orders from all public places.


Here is yet another incident:


In this next clip, we can hear a member of a sectarian organisation, namely the Orange Order, complain about an increase in bigotry, whilst another recommends that all Catholics should be sent ‘back down south’. Obviously that particular Orange moron (there are so many) has no clue that Catholicism existed in Ireland long before either the formation of the Orange Order or indeed the ethnic cleansing of the Plantation.


To end this, we can have a light laugh at this comical take on the inside of an Orange mind. Mind you, it must be said, that George Chittick is one of the worst public speakers that I have ever heard. No Surrender my arse…

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