Gregory Campbell Promises War

Ladies and gentlemen, and any Orange wankers who may be reading this, I give you Gregory Campbell…

Nationalist politicians today should ask Campbell if he will adhere to the terms of the Belfast Agreement. He should state whether or not he will abide by the decision of 51% of the population of the OSC if they decide to end the union with Britain.

Republicans know the answer to this. It is the same answer that most Unionist politicians will give. They will not accept the wishes of the majority unless those wishes are for the union. So what’s the point in negotiating with them?

Note: In the video, Gregory Campbell states that he will take to the streets to fight an armed insurrection should Britain intend to leave, and promises massive bloodshed. Yet he is allowed to retain his gun permit. If a Republican was fortunate enough to get such a permit, he/she would certainly have it removed immediately if they were ever to make such a statement.

Equality? Are you having a laugh?

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