Protesters confront Israel envoy at Queen’s University in Belfast

Students have long been to the fore of movements for social change across our world, and Ireland is no different. As an ambassador for the rogue state of Israel recently visited Queen’s University in Belfast, in the Irish Occupied Six Counties, he was met with strong protest by both students and their supporters. The Israeli […]

British Spy Agencies And Their Oxbridge Origins

Readers of Rebel Voice in Ireland will be familiar with the activities of the British Spy Agencies of MI5 and MI6. Both organisations have a shady and fairly nasty history on the Emerald Isle which continues up to this very day. MI5 has a modern HQ at Palace Barracks in Holywood, just outside Belfast, an […]

Irish Photos Of Modern Conflict

This is a fine assortment of photographs from the war fought between militant Irish Republicans and the British forces and their proxies in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC). The pictures show militant Republicans, as well as British squaddies and their friends and allies among the terrorists of Unionist paramilitarism. – If you care, give it […]

Folk’d Up

Folk’d Up   by Laurence Donaghy Part 2 of the wacky Irish trilogy is every bit as good (and wacky) as Part 1. The one-liners are as sharp, the pace frenetic, the plot an education. Danny Morrigan is in search of his missing girlfriend, Ellie, and their baby, Luke, snatched by the Faeries. But these are […]


Folk’d   by Laurence Donaghy This was an unexpected but pleasant surprize that fell into Rebel Voice‘s lap. Set in Belfast, it tells the tale of Danny Morrigan, his life, loves and reaction to the disappearance of his girlfriend, Ellie, and their baby boy, Luke. Danny is disillusioned with his lot. His father ran out on […]

Irish Civil Rights Marches Obstructed And Attacked By Colonials

This short clip is narrated in the typically snotty accent of the English Establishment. It shows a civil rights march through the Nationalist town of Newry that was obstructed by the colonial forces in 1969. In this next clip we again have a snotty twat narrating on yet another civil rights march through the Irish […]

United Irishmen 1798 – The Birth Of Irish Republicanism

It is one of the greatest tragedies of Irish history that the momentum of the United Irishmen, who fought for freedom, was lost. In 1798, men and women of all religious persuasions set aside their long-held differences to stand together and fight for a free and independent Irish Republic. The leaders of the 1798 Rising […]

The Good Son

Book Review The Good Son   by Paul McVeigh It seems like a lifetime since Rebel Voice reviewed a book by an Irish author. The Good Son was worth the wait. Micky Donnelly lives in Ardoyne, in north Belfast, during the period when the Provisional IRA were at war with the forces of British colonialism. […]

Bonfires Of Unionist Vanities

Recent news of the seizure of bonfire material for Republican pyres to commemorate the introduction of internment in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) in 1971, has served to highlight the great injustice that still exists at the heart of the sectarian statelet here. In the period from 2011 until 2011, the NIEA (OSC Environmental Agency) […]

Belfast Republicans Stand Strong Against Orange Menace

Respect must be given to all those who refuse to bow to either the Sectarian Orders or the colonial PSNI. The people of Belfast have long had to endure oppression at the hands of the Planter population. It should be noted that the Republicans of that city have grown in strength and determination, whilst those […]