Irish Civil Rights Marches Obstructed And Attacked By Colonials

This short clip is narrated in the typically snotty accent of the English Establishment. It shows a civil rights march through the Nationalist town of Newry that was obstructed by the colonial forces in 1969.

In this next clip we again have a snotty twat narrating on yet another civil rights march through the Irish border town of Newry.

In this final clip, we see the civil rights march as it is ambushed at Burntollet Bridge (outside Derry City) by Unionist thugs on 4th January, 1969, with the assistance of the state forces of the RUC. Such actions served to ensure that Republicans would turn to a re-embrace of physical force as the only surefire means of both defending their beleaguered communities, and progressing their justified demands for equality and respect.

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