Sectarian Orders Abusing Catholics

Here are some reminders of the vile conduct of the ‘Loyal Orders‘ as they engage in sectarian abuse directed towards Catholics. Some attitudes are just too deeply embedded for us to expect change. Ban the Sectarian Orders from all public places.   Here is yet another incident:   In this next clip, we can hear […]

George Seawright Burns In Hell

More youthful readers may not have heard of the Scottish bigot, George Seawright, who was a member of the DUP and a Unionist paramilitary member of the UVF. This computer generated audio gives a brief description of his life and death. Seawright was a sectarian bigot of the worst kind. I recall when he was […]

Comic’s Take On Flegs In OSC

This joker has offered up a simplistic solution to the problem of flags, or flegs, in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC). The short piece does illustrate the variety of symbols to be found in the OSC, and how easy it is to get bogged down in the argument. For the record, Rebel Voice recommends that […]

Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster (Punk)

This punk offering from Belfast band SLF encapsulates the anger of the young of the Occupied Six Counties at the circumstances foisted upon them. The lyrics may not suit everyone there, but there’s no denying the energy in their delivery. Note: Stiff Little Fingers were referenced in the John Cusack film, High Fidelity, also starring […]

Anti-Semitic Israel

The following letter was received recently by Rebel Voice, and is from a submission by a supporter that was sent to the Nationalist, and Catholic-led, daily newspaper, The Irish News. The paper is the largest selling such publication in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland. It has consistently adopted a pro-Israeli position in its editorial […]