United Irishmen 1798 – The Birth Of Irish Republicanism

It is one of the greatest tragedies of Irish history that the momentum of the United Irishmen, who fought for freedom, was lost. In 1798, men and women of all religious persuasions set aside their long-held differences to stand together and fight for a free and independent Irish Republic.

The leaders of the 1798 Rising were mostly Protestant. They died or were executed by the colonial regime. Their passing was a massive loss to the hard won unity of the people of Ulster. It was then that the divisive and sectarian Orange Order assumed the mantle of leaders of the protestant people. Our beautiful northern province has never recovered.

Today, Irish Republicans uphold the principles of the United Irishmen. They are composed of Catholics and Protestants and any other religious denomination, or none, that exist across the Emerald Isle. They strive again for unity for the people of Ulster and Ireland in their unending efforts to win a fully independent united Irish Republic.

They will be victorious.

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