Catholic School Principal Kissing Orange Ass

The following article is taken from the Belfast Telegraph. It concerns the idiocy involved in the head of Jarlath Burns, a Gaeilgeoir, former Gaelic footballer and current principal of a Catholic secondary school in south Armagh.

Burns is well known for his support of the Orange Order. He has brought his pupils to museums dedicated to that bigoted institution. As the Order is accepted as a sectarian, anti-Catholic organisation, we now have the situation where a Catholic principal has brought his Catholic students to celebrate an anti-Catholic group.

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Rebel Voice asks, would a black principal in the US bring black students to a museum dedicated to glorifying the Ku Klux Klan? If he did, what would be the reaction of the wider community?

Burns has stated, “The burning down of Orange lodges is akin to something done by the Nazis or Ku Klux Klan. But Irish republicans are supposed to ‘cherish all the children of the nation equally’.”

Clearly, Burns, an educator, has no knowledge of either the KKK or Nazis if he compares them to those who burn down buildings belonging to a sectarian organisation. Nor does he know anything about the Proclamation of the Republic when he quotes from it in this context. Children are not burnt when Orange Halls are attacked. The burning of children is something perpetuated by the Order and its supporters, such as the horrific example of the Quinn children who died during the Drumcree protests.

It is an indication of the sheer stupidity that exists in Ireland, when we read and hear of imbeciles such as Jarlath Burns speaking up in support of the sectarian Orange Order, whilst also a member of the GAA. Remember how much the Gaels of Ireland have suffered at the bloodied hands of the Loyal Orders.

I well remember how Orange scumbags would attack anyone who had a GAA kitbag, or geansey. I wonder how Burns feels about the putting up of bunting and flags for the Twelve (Day of Hate) recently, outside a Gaelscoil in Magherafelt whilst none was erected outside a nearby Orange Hall.

Red, white and blue bunting erected outside Irish school - but not Orange hall

(Bunting outside Gaelscoil an tSeanchai in Magherafelt. Picture by Hugh Russell)

It should be noted that Jarlath Burns is very friendly with Conor Murphy, Sinn Féin politician and chief negotiator in the Stormont talks. It is believed by many that Burns is being quietly groomed by Sinn Féin for entry into politics on a SF ticket. It must be asked as to why SF would support someone who is kissing the dirty ass of the Orange Order at every chance he gets.

(Picture: Jarlath Burns at Museum dedicated to glorifying the Orange Order – taken from Belfast Telegraph article below)

Belfast Telegraph article: 

Jarlath Burns – a former captain of the Armagh team – recently visited two refurbished Orange Order museums, at Sloan’s House in Loughgall and Schomberg House in Belfast, with pupils from his school.

And the south Armagh headmaster hit out at those who complained that an Irish tricolour was not flown at the reopening of the Belfast facility. He said: “Why would we ever expect to see an Irish tricolour outside the headquarters of the Orange Order? We wouldn’t expect to see a Union flag at a GAA match. Those things would be very difficult for people to accept.”

He added: “I think the real story was that the museum was opened by former Irish President Mary McAleese and her husband Martin, that the word ‘Failte’ – ‘Welcome’ in Irish – was prominently displayed and that the first schoolchildren through the doors were from a Catholic school in south Armagh.

“These are positive stories about people genuinely wanting to reach out to the other community.

“I commend the work that the Orange Order is doing in reaching out through the schools. (RV emphasis) David Scott, who is leading this outreach, has been welcomed in my school several times over the past two or three years and has also been involved with a number of other Catholic schools in south Armagh.”

He said he was surprised at how happy people seemed to be with his attendance at the Sloan’s House event.

“I found the experience interesting and the museum explains the part this building played in the formation of the Orange Order after the Battle of the Diamond,” he said.

“Unless we start re-imagining a relationship with each other and do it through education, I don’t think we are really going anywhere. We certainly are not at the moment.”

He admitted during an interview on Radio Ulster’s Talkback programme that coming from south Armagh, where there has not been any Orange Order marches, made it easier for him to consider reaching out to the other community. “However, we all have to rethink how we view the other community,” he said.

“This year the Twelfth celebrations in Armagh are being held in Bessbrook and I want any of my pupils in the town to know that the people taking part in those celebrations are not bad people. They must realise that the Twelfth is part of their culture and that their flag and their Britishness is important to them. I would like unionists to come to a deeper understanding of the GAA, the organisation to which I belong, and recognise what is important to us.”

  • End of Article

We can read from the previous article how Jarlath Burns is determined to force the Orange Order down the throats of the Nationalist community, using children to act as a wedge in doing so.

Burns is currently chairman of the GAA’s standing committee on playing rules. This body is designed to improve the standards of play and conduct within the organisation. Perhaps, given his tacit approval of the sectarian Orange Order, and his description of a local female politician as having a face like the back of a van, Jarlath Burns would be better served taking a closer look at his own standards of conduct. It should be noted that he has also indicated his intention to run for the position of President of the GAA in the not too distant future. If he were to succeed in such an endeavour, it would be yet one more example of how far the once great GAA has fallen.

In any event, no sectarian organisation should ever be deemed acceptable within a decent society. Pandering to such an institution as the Orange Order or indeed any of the Loyal Orders, as Jarlath Burns is doing, is not going to change their practices for the better.

As a means of assessing just how unacceptable Jarlath Burns’ conduct has become, I will point to the fact that the arch-bigot, Willie Frazer, has stated that he is prepared to shake Burns’ hand. Any good Nationalist or Republican worthy of the name (which Burns claims to be) should be offended at the notion that Frazer would want to shake their hand. Rebel Voice would rather do the tango naked with Old Nic himself.


If sectarianism is part of Unionist culture, then that part of their culture must be tackled and eliminated. Whether it be destructive bonfires with the offensive inclusion of religious effigies and Nationalist symbols, or whether it be rabble-rousing Loyal Orders that are inherently sectarian, or whether it be the institutionalized Day of Hate known as the ‘Twelve’, it must all be stopped immediately.

Irish Nationalism and Republicanism has endured too much for too long. We need endure no more…


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