Troops of the West Prepare for War

The Surplass and the Zionists want Assad gone, and Syria under the control of a puppet authority. They tried to do it via their proxies in the various terrorist groups, including Al-Nusra, but the timely intervention of the Russians prevented this from succeeding.

Yet the western Establishment is rabidly determined. There would seem to be no alternative for them but to get boots on the ground. If their terrorist groups cannot remove Assad, then they will have to do it themselves.

A ground war involving western troops will bring a strong spotlight on to those instigating such. Although there are massive profits to be accrued from such a military campaign (some people got very rich from both the Iraqi and Afghanistan conflicts), the real goal is control of Syria, and a further weakening of the positions of both Russia and Iran. The Establishment/Surplass controlled media will launch a campaign of disinformation prior to and during the upcoming invasion. They will try to hoodwink the populations of the West. They will lie to us.


Bit by bit, piece by piece, bullet by bullet, life by life, the Surplass and their Zionist cohorts will continue to wage war against those nation states that continue to hold out against them. It will be the ordinary citizens of the US, the UK, Jordan, Iran, Russia, Iraq and Palestine who will suffer as a result of the sordid machinations of the filthy Surplass.

The citizenry of the respective nations need to stand up and speak out. The people must be prepared to fight for their rights and those of others. We cannot let them divide us. We have a common enemy. We must recognize the danger that resides in the heart of the Surplass. We must counter the centres of Surplass propaganda.

Their scheme is now moving into a new phase. We will be 3 steps ahead.

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