Islam – An Introduction

Islam is a religion that is much in the news of late. It is a faith that dates back to the early 7th century and is based upon the teachings of the prophet, Muhammad, who lived from circa 570 – 8th June 632. The Prophet was from the Arabian peninsula, having been born in Mecca. […]

Judaism 101 – Monotheism Of The Ancient World

Judaism is said to be the oldest monotheistic religion in the world. The main book of the faith is the Tanakh, believed written approximately 500 BCE (according to the Talmud). The Jewish faith was the basis of both Christianity and Islam, although there are clearly many differences between them today. Of all the religions on […]

Jainism – Ancient Religion Of Peace

It has between 4-5 million adherents, most of which live in India. It was believed to have been founded approximately 500 BCE, but the first teacher, or tirthankara, was said to have existed millions of years before that. And the name for each practitioner, Jain, comes from the Sanskrit word, ‘Jina‘, which means victor. Jainism […]

Sikhism – India’s Expression

The Indian subcontinent is the birthplace of a number of the world’s great religions and Sikhism is one of them. It’s commonly regarded as a monotheistic faith founded around 1500 by Guru Nanak Dev. He was the first of the ‘Ten Gurus’ or spiritual leaders of the Sikhs. Today, Sikhism has approximately 27 million adherents […]

The Executioner – Novel By Chris Carter

The Executioner by Chris Carter Hi! This review is about a book by Chris Carter. You may remember him from such novels as The Crucifix Killer, The Night Stalker or The Death Sculptor. His stories are all much the same and not meant to be read by children or those interested in high literature. Although […]

Who is a Jew? – A Brief Analysis Of The Tribe

In our world today, riven as it is by political conflict for a myriad of reasons, we are continually faced with endless questions regarding the identities of various population groups, national or otherwise. One such distinctive populace at the centre of world affairs due to the unfortunate situation in Palestine, are the Jewish people. Growing […]


Institutional   I spied the dais on which he stood so hued in elevation, Dispensing words upon the meek, there bowed in supplication And thought of what that platform meant, though slyly did it stay, Propelling up loquacious threats of pain on Judgement Day.   His head threw back in confidence, he sought to educate […]

The Soul Collectors

The Soul Collectors  by Chris Mooney This book is one in a series – no.4 I think – and so I must caution readers that, as with most sequential tomes, it is preferable to start at the beginning to better appreciate the story. I didn’t do that, as I’m new to Chris Mooney and I’m […]

Irish Church and State – Wedded In Catholic Corruption

At a time when the common consensus appears to (thankfully) be that society must move on from the sectarian divisions that have ruptured Ireland for centuries, it seems that there are still those who are determined to remain wedded to, if not mired in, the antiquated mind-sets that still aggressively promote a particular theology. Take […]

Temple, Gods and Sacrifice in Ireland

It’s colder now, and wetter. The men stand nervously huddled within the shadowy chamber. They lightly restrain their drugged victim, as a steadily weakening sun falls ominously to mark the end of the year. The climate has cooled, the crops are yearly failing. To appease their fickle deities the tribesmen must make a powerful sacrifice. […]