Crocodiles Feast On Wildebeest

Crocodiles, they’ve been around for millions of years without the need for evolution, perfect killing machines, kinda like the Tories. And the similarities don’t end there. Crocs have mouthfuls of sharp teeth and a vicious bite. Theresa May could take the leg off you with a single chomp. Crocodiles engage in cannibalism and the Conservatives […]

Ebola Fighting To Become Global Pandemic

Ebola is a terrible disease. It spreads easily and shows little mercy to its victims. After outbreaks in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia between 2013 and 2016, in which more than 11,000 people lost their lives, there has been another spate of cases in the Congo, a country that had previously suffered the same. Ebola […]

Mother Lioness Hunts Warthog

Lions! Where would we be without them? No Simba, no Scar and, Holy God no! No Hakuna Matata! Our worlds would fall apart. Wouldn’t they…? Everyone seems to love lions, unless that is you’re a warthog. Warthog’s absolutely f**king hate lions because lions like to dine on (not with) warthogs. Disney doesn’t like to show […]

Lions And Hippos – Turf War & Fight For Survival

When the big guys fall out, everyone runs for cover. Hippos are renowned for their foul tempers. They are also big, bloated bullies with very large mouths, kinda like the natural world’s answer to Donald Trump. Lions are… lions. They eat things… living things. So do we, of course, but with a lot less finesse […]

Child Brides – Money ‘Wives’ – Nigeria

It’s a brutal reflection on any society when children are treated as commodities to be bargained and sold. The very idea of child-brides should be abhorrent to any who have an ounce of decency. Those who engage in this vile practice deserve to be flogged, flensed and locked up for a long period of time. […]

Amazighs (Berbers) – The White Tribe Of Africa

Although more commonly known as the Berbers, the Amazighs of North Africa are regarded as the only ‘White’ Tribe of Africa. They have an ancient culture that has been somewhat overlooked by most. It appears to have been the expansion of the Arab world into the region in 652 AD that placed great pressure upon […]

Zulu Nation – Survivors Of Colonialism

This news report from Africa provides a brief look at one of the most feared and respected tribal groups on the African continent. The Zulus have a 200 year history, immersed in a struggle to survive against the British Empire. Today, there are approximately 11 million people who claim Zulu ancestry in South Africa. This […]

Djibouti – Novel By Elmore Leonard

Djibouti¬† by Elmore Leonard Djibouti is both a nation and capital city on the Horn of Africa. It borders Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia and is a fine setting for this thriller from the well-regarded Elmore Leonard. Dara Barr is an Oscar-winning US documentary maker seeking the next big story. She decides that Somali pirates are […]

Hyenas And Wild Dogs Do Battle Over Prey

Caution: contains scenes that might upset those of a sensitive nature The following footage of both Wild Dogs and Hyenas engaged in the hunting and killing of prey is about as gritty and real as it gets. There is no time for emotion when these animals try to kill or avoid being killed. It’s interesting […]

1,000 Hostages Rescued From Boko Haram

Boko Haram are about as nasty a lot as you’ll find anywhere. They abduct, rape and kill. Yet they appear to move freely around Nigeria and neighbouring countries. Rebel Voice wonders if, should this terrorist group begin to affect the flow of oil from West Africa, how long would it be before the governments of […]