Child Brides – Money ‘Wives’ – Nigeria

It’s a brutal reflection on any society when children are treated as commodities to be bargained and sold. The very idea of child-brides should be abhorrent to any who have an ounce of decency. Those who engage in this vile practice deserve to be flogged, flensed and locked up for a long period of time.

As the UN and EU concern themselves with fine food and fancy functions, where everyone is dressed in their expensive clothes, they ignore the plight of children such as those portrayed in the following video. We are living in the Hunger Games.

Only Childcentricity can tackle the problems facing the young today, and only that concept can help to create a fair and decent world for the future. But will the powers-that-be listen, or will they continue to stuff their bloated faces with food taken from the hands of children, as those same children are exploited, debased and abused by adults who may need to be put down.

So watch the video and be angry. As John Lydon sang, Anger is an energy, and that energy can be legitimately directed at those who are responsible for allowing children to be married to perverts and heartless merchants of lives.

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3 Responses

  1. Don’t feel like not holding their parents responsible… however living in the third world at close quarters with extreme poverty, I must add poverty and that too such poverty, can bring out the worst in human beings and it does.

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  2. With that said, one can still not let the parents not be held responsible. Ultimately they are even if the burden of the atrocity falls more heavily upon the ones creating social and political quagmires for their own profits.

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