Russian War Games – Largest Since Cold War

The tension mounts as East and West yet again gear up for global conflict. The Cold War has begun for the second time. However, this time the Russians are joined by the economic and military powerhouse of China. The US Federal regime and its corporate masters seem determined to effect a world war. What they believe will be the outcome is anyone’s guess. Perhaps they don’t care and the main goal is simply to wage war.

Conflict is profit for the military-industrial complex. Bombs, missiles, bullets, fuel, uniforms, food, vehicles, aircraft, warships all make money for someone. That someone is never the ordinary people of Yemen or Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan or Palestine. Yet it’s those ordinary people who will do the dying, as will their children.

We can all hope that global war will be avoided. Sadly, with Trump at the helm of the US as front-man, the odds are now in favour of a catastrophic struggle between the major powers of the planet.

Russia has recently held its largest war-games since the end of the last Cold War. They were joined this time by forces from the People’s Republic of China. The message to the US is clear: Mess with us and you are going to bite off more than you can chew. But are Trump’s eyes bigger than his belly?

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