Mother Lioness Hunts Warthog

Lions! Where would we be without them? No Simba, no Scar and, Holy God no! No Hakuna Matata! Our worlds would fall apart. Wouldn’t they…? Everyone seems to love lions, unless that is you’re a warthog. Warthog’s absolutely f**king hate lions because lions like to dine on (not with) warthogs. Disney doesn’t like to show you the truth about lions because it involves quite a lot of blood, bone, squealing and gristle.

But be not afraid, for Rebel Voice won’t let you down. Therefore, stay tuned to witness how a lion hunts its prey, how it takes its prey down and how it kills that prey. You will also hear how the prey feels about being killed. Rebel Voice doesn’t speak warthog but is fairly sure that, when translated, the warthog is saying,’ oh f**k me pink, I’m toast, and the wife was going to let me have some this evening. My timing has never been good. My life sucks. But, on the bright side, at least I don’t have to pay the mortgage and I won’t have that recurring problem with piles. Ha! Piles! Eat those you lion wanker!’ (or words to that effect).

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