Jewish Community Federation Funds Far-right And Islamophobic Groups – New Proof

The question of how Zionist groups in the US and further afield are being funded is an emotive and complex one. Such groups are often (many would say always) controversial. Therefore, those who fund them may seek to keep their financial transactions secret. One such group, that has drawn much criticism for its aggressive and bully-boy tactics, is Canary Mission. This fanatically Zionist gang is currently engaged in a campaign to intimidate US students from speaking out in support of human rights for Palestinians. Canary Mission are aware that national movements for change often begin on university campuses. They are, therefore, aggressively trying to halt any momentum that might build in a direction that would defend Palestinians.

But Canary Mission cannot operate as completely, or at all, without funding. This is where the Jewish Community Federation comes in. They have been exposed as having funded the bullies of Canary Mission. The following article demonstrates the methods by which such groups operate. Rebel Voice feels that it is unfortunate when organisations that are designated Jewish work feverishly to protect the rogue state of Israel from justifiable criticism. Canary Mission would see the truth surrounding the Palestine Crisis smothered. The Jewish Community Federation have sought to assist them in this. It all means that too many observers will fall into the carefully laid Zionist trap of allowing the Jewish identity and the state of Israel to become one and the same. They are most certainly not. Information is key, and the following article provides much insight into how Zionism plies its sordid wares across the US.

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