Iranian Jews Live In Equality With Their Fellow Citizens

There is a lot of anti-Iranian propaganda being disseminated today by the western media. The same approach is being used against Venezuela. The MSM is being used as a formidable weapon of war, preparing the public for eventual attacks and perhaps invasion of the targeted nations. It is a form of social conditioning. In the […]

The Poor State Of Israel – An Analysis

In this article, the author takes a look behind the scenes in Israel to see if the Zionist state is as powerful and solid as it wants everyone to believe. It’s an interesting piece and should provoke some debate within both the Palestinian and Israeli communities. – If you enjoyed this, please share it –

Palestine Cover Of Me, Myself And I

This is a fairly decent cover of the popular song with lyrics relevant to the oppressed people of Palestine. So long as Palestinians can sing of freedom, they will be free.  – If you care, please give it a share –

Who is a Jew? – A Brief Analysis Of The Tribe

In our world today, riven as it is by political conflict for a myriad of reasons, we are continually faced with endless questions regarding the identities of various population groups, national or otherwise. One such distinctive populace at the centre of world affairs due to the unfortunate situation in Palestine, are the Jewish people. Growing […]