Iranian Jews Live In Equality With Their Fellow Citizens

There is a lot of anti-Iranian propaganda being disseminated today by the western media. The same approach is being used against Venezuela. The MSM is being used as a formidable weapon of war, preparing the public for eventual attacks and perhaps invasion of the targeted nations. It is a form of social conditioning.

In the case of Iran, that nation is today regularly labelled ‘anti-Semitic’ and ‘anti-Jewish’. However, Iran supports the Palestinians who are almost entirely Semites. Therefore, Iran can’t be correctly labelled anti-Semitic by anyone with an ounce of sense. As for the charges of anti-Judaism, the following video will demonstrate that those charges are also false. Although Rebel Voice is a strictly secular platform, there has always been an awareness here that Islam in general was never anti-Jewish. Whilst Christianity conducted pogroms against Jews, Muslims did not and lived peacefully, side by side, with those ‘of the book‘. The Yeshiva of Jerusalem are further evidence of this historical fact, one that is conveniently overlooked by an increasingly Islamophobic western officialdom inspired by aggressive Zionism.

As Trump and Netanyahu try desperately to provoke war with Iran, it can be hoped that the people of the West will not be fooled by the lies being spewed forth into western homes and heads. Iran is not the enemy of the people of the West. It is the warmongers and corporate manipulators in the boardrooms of London, Paris and Washington who are.

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