Jewish Opposition To Israel Grows Globally And Daily – Zionism Trembles

The standard Israeli spiel is that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. This catchphrase is used ad nauseum to provide specious cover for the many crimes against humanity perpetrated by the rogue Israeli regime. When, therefore, thousands of conscientious Jews stand against Israel and in solidarity with Palestine, the Zionist message starts to look more than a little […]

Judaism 101 – Monotheism Of The Ancient World

Judaism is said to be the oldest monotheistic religion in the world. The main book of the faith is the Tanakh, believed written approximately 500 BCE (according to the Talmud). The Jewish faith was the basis of both Christianity and Islam, although there are clearly many differences between them today. Of all the religions on […]

Illustrated History Of The Oppression Of Palestine

This short animated sequence speaks of the terrible treatment that the people of Palestine have suffered at the bloodied hands of Zionists who invaded their land. The reasons for the current conflict are not complex. Foreign nationals, fleeing from persecution in Europe, arrived in Palestine and proceeded to expel the indigenous people. They justified their […]

Life Of Brian – Biggus Dickus

This clip, from the classic Monty Python movie, is the scene where the Roman official with a lisp finds life in Palestine to be very difficult. In a film where every other scene is a classic comedy sketch, this one is up there with the best of them. Michael Palin plays his part perfectly as […]

The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle  by Philip K. Dick Philip K. Dick is an intriguing author that many will be unaware of, especially outside of his home nation of the US. Born in Chicago, in 1928, Philip K. Dick (the ‘K’ is for ‘Kindred’. I shit you not) wrote eight sci-fi novels, about a […]

Muslims Replace Jews As Scapegoats

The startling thing about what is covered in the following article from Vocativ, is the resemblance to pre-World War 2 Germany. At that time the Jews were made into scapegoats for the economic hardship suffered by the German people. An angry and disillusioned population need to vent their anger somewhere, and in Germany it was […]