Jewish Opposition To Israel Grows Globally And Daily – Zionism Trembles

The standard Israeli spiel is that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. This catchphrase is used ad nauseum to provide specious cover for the many crimes against humanity perpetrated by the rogue Israeli regime. When, therefore, thousands of conscientious Jews stand against Israel and in solidarity with Palestine, the Zionist message starts to look more than a little silly.

Israel and its Zionist supporters, most of whom are not Jewish, detest any Jewish person who opposes the actions of the Israeli state. The voices of those Jews who would stand up for Palestinian human rights make Zionists tremble. That’s why, in the fight for justice in Palestine, no group is more important than conscientious members of the Jewish people.

They’re ‘self-hating Jews’ according to Israel. They are said to be traitors, capos, misled, space aliens. If you oppose Israel you are apparently a terrible person, or so goes the Zionist narrative. But if you’re Jewish and oppose Israel, then you’re destined for hell according to the atheists of the Zionist state. Luckily, Jewish humanitarians are not so easy to intimidate. They are growing in both number and confidence. With the declaration by Jewish Voice for Peace, a US organisation with more than 100,000 members, that they are anti-Zionist, the battle-lines have been drawn. As Sherlock would say, The game’s afoot, Watson!

The following takes a look at the increasing anti-Israel protests by members of the Jewish diaspora. It’s heartening to see a persecuted people standing up for those who are being persecuted.

גוט גליק צו אַלע

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