Illustrated History Of The Oppression Of Palestine

This short animated sequence speaks of the terrible treatment that the people of Palestine have suffered at the bloodied hands of Zionists who invaded their land. The reasons for the current conflict are not complex. Foreign nationals, fleeing from persecution in Europe, arrived in Palestine and proceeded to expel the indigenous people. They justified their immoral behaviour by inexplicably referring to the Jewish bible, The Tanakh.

Today, Apartheid, oppression, ethnic cleansing and death are being foisted onto the Palestinian people. Israel relies on brute force, and lies, to maintain its current position in the international community. But the truth is the one thing that Israel fears. That is where you come in.

Any conscientious individuals who choose to speak out on behalf of Palestine are playing a strong role in defending the beleaguered people of Palestine. Everyone has his or her part to play in this tragedy. It’s not too late.

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2 Responses

  1. This video should be compulsory in history the class at all elementary/secondary level schools… not that there is even the remotest possibility of that happening but no harm wishing… with that said I must add… the sheer simplicity and truthfulness of the message is what is so beautiful about it… thank you for sharing…

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