Lion Attacked By Pack Of Hyenas

The lion is claimed as King of the Jungle. But sometimes it doesn’t always get its own way. Whilst one on one there is no other carnivore in Africa that could match a lion, there are packs of animals that will attempt it. One of these is the hyena. Hyenas are pack hunters. They have […]

Mother Lioness Hunts Warthog

Lions! Where would we be without them? No Simba, no Scar and, Holy God no! No Hakuna Matata! Our worlds would fall apart. Wouldn’t they…? Everyone seems to love lions, unless that is you’re a warthog. Warthog’s absolutely f**king hate lions because lions like to dine on (not with) warthogs. Disney doesn’t like to show […]

Lions And Hippos – Turf War & Fight For Survival

When the big guys fall out, everyone runs for cover. Hippos are renowned for their foul tempers. They are also big, bloated bullies with very large mouths, kinda like the natural world’s answer to Donald Trump. Lions are… lions. They eat things… living things. So do we, of course, but with a lot less finesse […]

Male Lion Takes Down Water Buffalo

Caution: this video contains scenes that might disturb those of a sensitive disposition. Nature is beautiful. It is also brutal. There is little sentiment in the battle between predator and prey, hunter and hunted. The following footage demonstrates the struggle for survival that takes place every day on the plains of Africa. It may make […]