Lion Attacked By Pack Of Hyenas

The lion is claimed as King of the Jungle. But sometimes it doesn’t always get its own way. Whilst one on one there is no other carnivore in Africa that could match a lion, there are packs of animals that will attempt it. One of these is the hyena.

Hyenas are pack hunters. They have the strongest bite of any animal on the African continent. Although commonly portrayed as scavengers who chase off other animals for their kill, hyenas will also hunt and kill their own food. There is very little that is not on the menu for these giggling predators. That includes lions.

It’s rare that any lion will be preyed upon by another animal, excluding another of its kind. But, occasionally, when the numbers are right, hyenas will attack lone lions. The following video demonstrates what happens when this takes place. It might seem brutal to us, and by human standards it is, but survival in the wild is a brutal practice. There is little room for sentimentality. Have a look at what takes place when a young male lion finds himself on the menu for a pack of cackling hyenas.

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