Lion Attacked By Pack Of Hyenas

The lion is claimed as King of the Jungle. But sometimes it doesn’t always get its own way. Whilst one on one there is no other carnivore in Africa that could match a lion, there are packs of animals that will attempt it. One of these is the hyena. Hyenas are pack hunters. They have […]

Top 10 Misunderstood Animals

Aaw, aren’t hyenas cute? Well, yes, unless you happen to be lying on the ground whist they eat you. Hyenas aren’t like lions. The King of the Jungle will kill you before he or she dines. Hyenas don’t wait. They just tear straight in. Pigs! Both hyenas and pigs feature in this look at 10 […]

Hyenas And Wild Dogs Do Battle Over Prey

Caution: contains scenes that might upset those of a sensitive nature The following footage of both Wild Dogs and Hyenas engaged in the hunting and killing of prey is about as gritty and real as it gets. There is no time for emotion when these animals try to kill or avoid being killed. It’s interesting […]