Top 10 Misunderstood Animals

Aaw, aren’t hyenas cute? Well, yes, unless you happen to be lying on the ground whist they eat you. Hyenas aren’t like lions. The King of the Jungle will kill you before he or she dines. Hyenas don’t wait. They just tear straight in. Pigs!

Both hyenas and pigs feature in this look at 10 of the most misunderstood animals. Rebel Voice would also add men to this list as we are completely misunderstood by women. When men hog the remote control, it’s just to save our great loves from having to bother with changing the channel. When we leave wet towels on the bed, it’s merely to improve the humidity levels in the bedroom thereby preventing our womenfolk’s skin from becoming dehydrated. When we fart, it’s an appreciation of how good the food was and we like to share that appreciation with others. We are so thoughtful and misunderstood.

Take a scally at this list to see if there are other animals that you feel should be on it but aren’t. Of course, as beautifully mysterious as women are, Rebel Voice would never add them to this list as they are not animals – unless they are called Nikki Haley, Margaret Thatcher, Arlene Foster, Queen Victoria or Hilary Clinton…

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