Saudi Dissident Journalist Cut To Pieces In Embassy?

The case of Jamal Khashoggi is a strange one. He is/was regarded as a dissident journalist from Saudi Arabia (an ally of the US, UK and Israel) who was on the sh*tlist of the Wahhabi regime, During a visit to the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, he disappeared. The Saudi’s claim to have no knowledge of what happened to him. He went in but didn’t come out.

Now Rebel Voice accepts that it’s possible that there is a portal to another dimension inside the Saudi embassy. Perhaps it’s a wardrobe and Jamal is currently vacationing in Narnia. Perhaps he met the new female Dr Who and is at this very moment (or maybe outside of time) spinning through space-time to Galafray. It’s possible but unlikely.

TRT reveals, in the following video, that a 15 strong team arrived from Saudi Arabia, entered the embassy and then left. One of them was a doctor with a bone saw, another was a forensic expert. Hmm… No body, no crime? We will see. But one thing is for sure. The Wahhabi regime is not to be trusted, ever. Hopefully justice will be done in this matter. Yet in the true tradition of the Atlantic salmon, Rebel Voice won’t hold it’s breath.

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