Top 10 Misunderstood Animals

Aaw, aren’t hyenas cute? Well, yes, unless you happen to be lying on the ground whist they eat you. Hyenas aren’t like lions. The King of the Jungle will kill you before he or she dines. Hyenas don’t wait. They just tear straight in. Pigs! Both hyenas and pigs feature in this look at 10 […]

Iguana Runs Gauntlet Of Snakes

This sensational piece of footage shows an iguana on the Galapagos Islands running a gauntlet of hungry snakes. It has been dubbed numerous times to great effect. This is the untouched original. Nature is beautiful. It can also be a very scary place, especially if you happen to be on the menu. Take a look […]

Top 10 Savage Animal Rivalries

There are many famous animal rivalries. Mongoose and cobra, lion and hyena, politician and law court. We gaze in awe as they battle, often to the death, reenacting a rite of the natural world that may be horrific to us, but is part and parcel of living on this planet. The following presentation looks at […]

5 Forbidden Places – Would You Go?

The world is a big place that we will never get to fully explore. Air travel has made it easier to visit at least some of it, however, there are still those sites that even the most intrepid adventurer would have to think twice about, before visiting. The following vid gives us a look at […]

Top 10 Dangerous Snakes

As Rebel Voice is based in Ireland, we do not have any serious problems with snakes here, other than those who slither along the political corridors of power and through religious establishments. That said, Irish people do have a fascination with our slimy friends – no, not the politicians but the snakes – and enjoy […]

Red Dirt

Red Dirt  by E.M. Reapy Hopper, Fiona and Murph are members of the shameful, coercive migration of Irish young people to Australia after the collapse of the Celtic (Papier Mâché) Tiger. For those of you unfamiliar with said circumstances, I will summarize. A shower of greedy bastards destroyed the economy of the entire island of Ireland, […]