Top 10 Dangerous Snakes

As Rebel Voice is based in Ireland, we do not have any serious problems with snakes here, other than those who slither along the political corridors of power and through religious establishments. That said, Irish people do have a fascination with our slimy friends – no, not the politicians but the snakes – and enjoy a gawk at them whenever possible.

Irish emigres to Australia and the US can be heard screaming at the sight of a snake as it flees their high-pitched wailing. Banshees abroad. In this vid, we get a look at some of the most feared snakes to be found anywhere, but you won’t find any of these f**kers in the Emerald Isle, as a Welshman got rid of them all a while back. Strangely, he didn’t bother his arse chasing the snakes out of Britain, and there are two scaly species there that still lie in wait. And that’s not counting those hures in Westminster…

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