Newborn Wildebeest Versus Hyena

OK, maybe a Hyena hunting a cute iddy biddy baby Wildebeest is not the most appetizing way to spend your day. But hold up a mo! It doesn’t always end in sadness. Maybe the hyena really enjoys the flesh of this animal, and loves to bring home the meat for its own young who are […]

Lion Attacked By Pack Of Hyenas

The lion is claimed as King of the Jungle. But sometimes it doesn’t always get its own way. Whilst one on one there is no other carnivore in Africa that could match a lion, there are packs of animals that will attempt it. One of these is the hyena. Hyenas are pack hunters. They have […]

Painted Wolves (Wild Dogs) Confront Lioness

The lions are the big dogs, so to speak, of the Savannah. They tend to dominate life there, killing and feeding as they please. But they don’t always have it their own way. Sometimes the little guys strike back. Wild Dogs, the little dogs of the Savannah, are also known as Painted Wolves. They are […]

Cheetahs Take Down Ostrich In Impressive Display Of Teamwork

Cheetahs are the fastest land animals, being able to average speeds of 40mph and above when hunting. That’s close to the rate at which Donald Trump will flee a lawsuit from Stormy Daniels. Ostriches are the largest birds on the planet. They are also fleet of foot, or claw, but just not quick enough to […]