Newborn Wildebeest Versus Hyena

OK, maybe a Hyena hunting a cute iddy biddy baby Wildebeest is not the most appetizing way to spend your day. But hold up a mo! It doesn’t always end in sadness. Maybe the hyena really enjoys the flesh of this animal, and loves to bring home the meat for its own young who are really cute too. Or maybe the hyena is really just playing with the newborn antelope and its manic giggling is not an outward sign of the most psychopathic mentality in the animal kingdom (besides ourselves, of course). Or maybe, and this is what you’ve been waiting for, the cute little Wildebeest gets away and kicks dirt in the eye of the nasty hyena, if any animal can ever be called nasty (besides ourselves, of course).

You’ll have to gamble on this one. Watch it and see if natures sometimes does like to see the weak and vulnerable win on occasion. Maybe Gaia is a sentimental old sod after all.

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