Newborn Wildebeest Versus Hyena

OK, maybe a Hyena hunting a cute iddy biddy baby Wildebeest is not the most appetizing way to spend your day. But hold up a mo! It doesn’t always end in sadness. Maybe the hyena really enjoys the flesh of this animal, and loves to bring home the meat for its own young who are […]

Wolf Hunts Caribou

In this amazing footage, we can watch nature in all her majestic brutality. Although, humans tend to empathize with the prey, it should be remembered that predators, like wolves, have young to feed and raise. Nature has no conscience, it merely exists. If one can set aside an aversion to blood and gore and death, […]

The Duality of Reality

     The Duality of Reality   I’d like to write of drifting clouds of cotton white, And wispy paths with patterns lightly Dancing through, The smiling beauty of my view.   But what I see are sodden rags of misery With moisture stank that sickens me For industrial gain, And nature weeps with acid rain. […]