Lions And Hippos – Turf War & Fight For Survival

When the big guys fall out, everyone runs for cover. Hippos are renowned for their foul tempers. They are also big, bloated bullies with very large mouths, kinda like the natural world’s answer to Donald Trump. Lions are… lions. They eat things… living things. So do we, of course, but with a lot less finesse than lions who have excellent table manners.

During the dry season in Zambia, water is a scarce and precious resource. Animals begin to congregate at shrinking rivers and waterholes. Whilst this makes hunting easier for lions, it does the hippos’ heads in. They begin to have panic attacks and suffer from paranoia (this has been medically proven by scientists from Rebel Voice). You see, they are territorial creatures – the hippos, that is, not the Rebel Voice scientists who are a nice bunch, although they tend to smell a bit by Thursday – that resent others impinging upon their space, kinda like the natural world’s answer to Capitalists, and will therefore fight and terrorize any other animal that gets too close to their water.

The video below shows what happens when lions and hippos disagree profoundly upon who should be where and what their role should be, kinda like the natural world’s answer to NATO and Russia – ah, the joy of analogy!

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