Nikki Haley Returns To Lie Under Dorothy’s House

Nikki Haley, or to give her her other name, Nimrata Randhawa, first ascended from Hell in the guise of Governor of South Carolina in 2010 when, due to an endorsement from none other than the right-winger, Sarah Palin, she won the position in a runoff vote. She was opposed to Trump during the presidential election and was therefore a surprise nomination to the position of US Ambassador to the United Nations in 2017.

Nikki Haley, who is suspected of being a favoured and admired handmaiden of Lucifer, is an extremely strong supporter of the rogue state of Israel. As Governor of South Carolina, she signed a bill into law which obstructed the work of the BDS movement, a peaceful initiative designed to pressurize Israel into respecting the human rights of Palestinians. It was the first bill of its kind anywhere in the US. It was followed by others across various states which are the subject of legal actions at this time concerning civil liberties and freedom of speech.

During her tenure as Ambassador, Haley (who was once caught performing oral sex on Mephistopheles in the shadowed halls of Hades, or so a fella down the pub said…) was notorious in her defence of all of the actions of the Israeli state. This included the sniper killings of hundreds of civilians and wounding of thousands more by Israeli Stormtroopers in Gaza during the summer of 2018. Haley repeatedly threatened all nations that chose to stand against the fascism evident in the policies of both the Zionist state and the Federal government of the USA. She became a running joke for her belligerence.

Nikki Haley – who rumour has it keeps a selection of Adolf Hitler‘s pubic hair in her purse, or so the fella down the pub said and he seems a reliable sort even if he does drink a lot, hallucinate and mumble when he speaks about Randhawa – resigned her position as Ambassador on 9th October, 2018. There are those who believe that her deal with Old Nic (sometimes known as Donald Trump) had a limited life span and her wizened soul was only worth less than 2 years, being the real reason she vacuated her post. There are precious few heads of state or humanitarians who will miss her. Rebel Voice is of the opinion that Hell will be all the more complete with the return of The Mistress of Distress, The Darling of Demons, The Devil’s Delight, The Bitch of Beelzebub, The  Lickspittle of Legion, The Bounce of Baphomet, Nikki Haley.

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