Mycenaeans And Phoenicians – Ancient Civilizations Of The Mediterranean

Ever wondered about the origins of Greek civilization? Did you think it was Socrates (or So Crates as Bill and Ted called him) who first introduced the concept – if indeed it can be delineated? Or perhaps you believed that it began with Perseus or Jason and his Argonauts fighting skeletons and Harpies? You were understandably mistaken. Those wily Greeks have been civilized for much longer. Gyros were being eaten in Mycenae from about 1600 B.C. That’s a long time to perfect the recipe.

The following video takes a look at two of the most influential civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean. Although the Mycenaeans were what today is regarded as Greek, the Phoenicians, however (also known as the Sea-people), came from the region of modern Lebanon. Together, they brought education and learning to the entire Mediterranean region. They also brought trade. This is their story.

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