Life In A Refugee Camp – Could You Survive?

They are the stories on the news. They are pictures in papers. They are voices on the radio appealing for help. The are a cause for some and a plague for others. They are people who have found themselves in a bad place through no fault of their own. They are the refugees.

The incidence of mass emigration from both the Middle East and Africa to Europe has increased over the last decade. This victims of western power games hail from across the African continent, as well as Iraq, Yemen, and Syria. There are also millions of Palestinian refugees forced by Zionism into a life of constantly striving to salvage their dignity. They are all individuals, like us, who want only to live in a safe and prosperous place.

Yet this simple wish is denied them because of the actions of a very small number of very corrupt people who seek to dominate our world. The following piece takes a brief look at how things are for some refugees. It’s worth wondering, if you were in their position, what would you do? Perhaps, there but for the grace of god, go we.

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