Front companies and Israel’s global terrorist network —

A common tactic for intelligence agencies is the use of front companies. In books about Israeli spy agencies, the tactic is a frequent reappearance. Former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky’s book “By Way of Deception” gives details of some of the ways Israel’s notorious overseas spying and assassination agency operates. He recounts the use of front… via […]

How Cuba Fought And Beat Apartheid South Africa

In Angola in 1987-1988, the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale took place. This was a major military engagement fought between Cuban, Angolan and Namibian forces on one side, and Apartheid South Africa and its forced allies in Namibia and Angola on the other. The battle was said to have been the largest fought on African soil since […]

Global Legacy Of Fidel Castro

This article looks at the influence that Fidel Castro had across the globe and across generations. His presence was a positive in a world sadly devoid of good governance. The Earth is a poorer place for the passing of El Comandante. Rebel Voice still mourns the loss. – If you care, give it a share […]

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad   by Colson Whitehead Cora is a slave. Her mother Mable is a slave. Her grandmother Ajarry is a slave who was, in the words of Bob Marley, stolen from Africa, brought to America. Yet Cora is strong like Ajarry. She has dreams like Mable. Cora intends to be free. Set in […]