US Departure From Human Rights Standards – Will It Make A Difference For Palestine?

Trump’s decision to pull out of the UN Human Rights Council is a shocking one. It is yet one more example of how the Axis of Evil, incorporating both the US Federal regime and the rogue state of Israel, is becoming further isolated from the international standards that apply to other such political entities.

But in the context of Palestine, does this mean that those who remain on the council will somehow be motivated to act in defence of the people of that beleaguered nation? The following brief article looks at this development in greater detail.

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3 Responses

  1. Doubt they would act differently… most of them still have much to ‘take’ from the American Empire… they may not risk losing that at least as of yet… not before the American Empire has lost its power… and then we have Great Britain and the likes of her still holding membership of the Council so I guess not much would change… except the Americans can violate international rules and regulations with a more sure sense of impunity…

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