Israeli Media Presuming Innocence Of Sniper Who Gunned Down Palestinian Medic?

The unlawful killing of Razan al-Najjir, the Palestinian medic from Gaza shot down in cold blood by an Israeli sniper, has sickened any who possess a conscience. Razan was one of many Palestinian medical personnel who work to save the lives of civilians also shot down by uniformed Zionist thugs. She had her hands raised and was no threat to the Israeli military or their precious fence that pens in the Gazan populace, yet she was callously killed as a deterrent to other medical personnel who would seek to help those suffering from Israeli delivered gunshot wounds.

Razan’s murder has called into question, yet again, the undeniably illegal behaviour of Israeli military hoods who appear to have been given the green light to kill at will. They have slaughtered men, women and children. They have butchered journalists and medical professionals. Their callous disregard for international law knows no bounds. Yet the governments of the West remain muted about these ongoing crimes. Something other than Palestinian bones and hearts has to break soon. Let’s hope that it is the code of silence, the official Omerta, that permeates the politics of the western world.

Following is a look by Mondoweiss at how the media have sought to downplay the killing of yet another humanitarian activist in Palestine.

Last Friday, Palestinian Gazan medic Razan al-Najjar was killed by an Israeli sniper live round to her upper body, while attending to the wounded during Friday’s Great March of Return protests near the Gaza fence. She was clearly marked with an official white uniform jacket, and at a distance of about 100 meters from the…

via The unwarranted presumption of Israeli soldier innocence in the killing of Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar — Mondoweiss

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  1. This is yet another shocking crime by the most criminal army in the world. All IDF soldiers who have been in active duty should be targeted in every civilised country when they travel abroad. They should be arrested on arrival in countries that are prepared to try them for war crimes. It’s becoming more and more apparent, Israeli society (in general) are becoming increasingly psychotic and unhinged with every new generation. Something must be done to stress to them that their behaviour isn’t normal. Their behaviour is more akin to the 14th Century. Just because the body count is not in the hundreds of thousands and millions like other conflicts doesn’t lessen the horrific nature of their crimes against Palestinians. In their current mindset, they would make the most extreme Nazi blush.
    The occupation is so brutal that they are depriving them of every basic human right. Even the most callous camps in Germany, Poland, US, UK and others during the second world war provided more than what Israel are allowing into Gaza.

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