Israeli Ethnic Cleansing – One Story Explained

Israeli crimes against humanity have been widely documented over the decades. The easily accessible evidence makes little difference to Western, and particularly US, foreign policy in the afflicted region. Ethnic cleansing is illegal under international law, as is the settlement of outsiders on captured land. Yet Israel is consistently doing both in full view of the UN. Israeli conduct is a blatant thumbing of the nose at the international community.

In the following presentation, we can see how one indigenous Palestinian family is adversely affected by illegal Israeli land seizures. Each move by the Zionist authorities is one further step in annexing yet another piece of land that is not their’s. And the World watches.

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4 Responses

  1. Israel certainly know how to play the ‘slow game’. Using a myriad of bogus ‘security measures’ and imaginative rules and regulations to make the Palestinians lives unbearable, they chip away like a stonemason with their land theft. It’s very likely all illegal, and certainly immoral but that doesn’t bother these bare faced frauds.
    Despite our Jewish brothers and sisters having a reputation for artistic flair and style, there is a glaring lack of any of those traits when it comes to building their horrendous eye sores, they call ‘settlements’. The beautiful old buildings, full of character, that they have sought to wipe out, including the people inside them, proves that the Palestinians are the ones really in tune with their environment. Picturesque villages have been flattened to accommodate the uniform architectural disaster zones with Hebrew names.
    Is there nothing that these people do not destroy?

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  2. I tend to agree with you rebelvoice. Sadly, each day must be torture for the Palestinians, every one of them suffering agitation and apprehension over the very basic things they need to do. No one should live under these awful conditions. They can’t even lock their door and sleep well at night because of the constant terrorising in the early hours by the IDF. If ever the world needed evidence of how little value they put on a Palestinian life, the spotty faced snipers have exposed their callous indifference. When the chickens come home to roost, the Israelis/Jews will discover that they didn’t have so many friends after all. I deplore violence but who are we to ask the Palestinians to show restraint considering the decades of misery inflicted on them. The Israelis need to consider that everything must change and when it does, the vengeance fuelled reprisals will be difficult to contain, even with the help of uncle Sam.

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