1500 Children Held In US Internment Centres

The scandal of the abducted children of illegal immigrants to the USA is one which will not and should not go away. People such as the TV and movie star, Alyssa Milano, are still campaigning for action to be taken to return these children to their parents and families. It is shocking to think that children can be callously caught up in Trump’s insane desire to be seen as the major caudillo of Washington.

Reports state that there are still approximately 1500 children and minors being held in US internment centres. Some children live in dorms, much like prisons. Others live in cages, like livestock. It is a crime against humanity. Many observers would say that you can tell the state of a nation by the way in which it treats its children. That also applies to the way in which a nation treats the children of others. So where does that leave the Federal government of the USA?

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