Children Of Gaza Swimming To Freedom

Gaza has to be one of the most unfortunate places in the world and all because of the ravages of the rogue state of Israel. This piece of Palestine has beautiful architecture, at least the parts that haven’t been bombed by Zionism. It has culture to make anywhere green with envy. It has fine people with courage rarely found in today’s world. And it has beaches.

These strips of golden sand are a place of respite for the beleaguered population who remain trapped by the fascism of Israel. The people of Gaza go to the beach so that they may forget that they live in the world’s largest concentration camp. They surf and they swim and they dream of freedom.

One young girl, Fatima Abu Shidiq, is now attempting to use her skills in the water to escape the oppression of Israel. Fatima’s father was killed by the Zionist state during their murderous attack on Gaza in 2014 when 2202 people perished under an Israeli bombardment. Today, she provides strength for her people. She gives them hope.

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