World Arm Wrestling Championships – Turkey’s ‘Over The Top’

Yes, we know, it’s apparently all macho male crap. Those involved should be out trimming the hedges or mowing the grass instead of holding hands in Istanbul. But what you naysayers don’t seem to understand is that we men, simple creatures that we are, need to demonstrate our strength and prowess or, failing that, we like to watch others and then kid ourselves that we could do better if we really wanted to (we can’t).

Arm wrestling has been around for as long as men have had arms. In the caves of ancient Mesopotamia there are cave paintings of men arm wrestling, as well as break-dancing. OK, Rebel Voice made that bit up, but it’s a nice image. In any event, men have been arm wrestling for a very long time and now women have gotten into the swing of it also.

Sylvester Stallone, he of the horse steroids, made arm wrestling more popular through his crap movie, Over The Top, in which he played the Rocky of the arm wrestling world. If you’ve never seen that film then don’t worry, it’s not worth the effort. Stallone has no shame. The following video is much better and introduces us to the hairy world of the arm wrestler, and that’s only the women involved.

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