Hebron – Most Occupied City In The World?

The many atrocities being carried out by the Israeli regime in Palestine have been well documented. Sadly, even overwhelming evidence doesn’t appear to make a difference in influencing western governmental opinion and action. The people of Palestine continue to suffer.

Outside of Gaza, one of the areas of greatest persecution against Palestinians is Hebron. This ancient city, which was in existence more than 4000 years ago (before the creation of monotheism) has a Palestinian population of more than 200,000. It also has a new Israeli squatter population of less than 800. Yet it is the squatters that dominate the city.

In 1997, after the Hebron Agreement, the city was divided into two parts, H1 and H2. H1 is ostensibly controlled by the Palestinian Authority and H2 by the rogue state of Israel. Approximately 30,000 Palestinians live under the oppressive control of the Israeli military in H2. This number is in decline due to documented Apartheid policies imposed by the Zionist regime. One infamous example is the closing of Al-Shuhada Street, a once major commercial thoroughfare. Since that illegal action by Israel, approximately half of all Palestinian businesses in H2 have been forced to close. There are Jew-only streets and roads. Attacks by the small group of squatters on Palestinian residents are constant. The squatters are protected by the Israeli military and do, themselves, carry assault rifles forming what is effectively a paramilitary force.

The most shocking element of all of the illegal Zionist activities is that the United Nations is fully aware of it, but refuses to take meaningful action against Israel. The United States plays a large part in this inaction as it regularly uses its veto at the UN Security Council to defend Israel. The politicians of D.C. are therefore indirectly culpable for all of the suffering that the people of Palestine have endured.

Recently, the Israeli regime has ordered all international monitors out of Hebron. The UN had established the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) in a weak effort to curb Israeli brutality. However, the fascist government of Benjamin Netanyahu has decided that it is not in Israel’s interests for the world to know exactly what is going on in Hebron, hence the expulsion of unarmed international observers.

The following video takes a look at the current situation in this ancient, beautiful and tortured city. It may help to open the eyes of some to just how dangerous and unjust the rogue Zionist state of Israel really is.

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  1. ”The most shocking element of all of the illegal Zionist activities is that the United Nations is fully aware of it, but refuses to take meaningful action against Israel”
    That sounds like a mirror image of Kashmir – as far as how United Nations has continued to shy away from violation of its own resolutions and allowed the situation to near an explosive end only because of the Indian pressure and Indian lobbying.

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