Know Your Zionist Enemy – Creative Community for Peace (CCFP)

Here is one more Zionist entity ensconced in Hollywood, where it can do the most damage to humanitarian issues.

Rebel Voice

The Zionist organisation, based in Hollywood and known as Creative Community forPeace (CCFP), was founded in 2011 by David Renzer (former head of Universal Publishing Group and Chairman/CEO of Spirit Music Group), Steve Schnur (executive at the leading game producer EA) and Ran Geffen-Lifshitz (an Israeli based music producer).

Image result for CCFPCCFP sprang to prominence in 2014 when, during the Israeli slaughter in Gaza during which 526 children died, including 180 who were aged 5 years or younger, CCFP published a letter in which they ignored the Israeli carnage and brutality to instead focus negatively on the democratically elected political party, Hamas, who were in governance of Gaza at that time.

The letter was signed by approximately 300 Hollywood bigwigs from movie, music and T.V. including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. CCFP has a number of Board members such as Jody Gerson (co-President of Sony/ATV Music Publishing), Ron Fair (former…

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