Russia’s Su-57 Fighter Jet To Be Equipped With Hypersonic Missile – USAF Worried

As we move inexorably towards global conflict, with the Middle East the likely, but not only, point of ignition, the world’s superpowers are arming themselves to the teeth. Russia knows that the US Feds and their corporate comptrollers want its influence not merely diminished but gone entirely. China knows that the US Empire requires an end to Chinese expansion across the globe. India is vying for greater control in Asia, and Latin America is braced for serious regional upheaval. With this in mind, Russia has invented a new type of missile that will seriously test US defence systems. Perhaps the announcement of this weapon and its introduction into the Russian arsenal is meant to deter US advances and aggression in Syria?

Isn’t it refreshing to realize that the military powers of the world are placing their nations in debt, yet can manage to come up with the funds to build evermore powerful weaponry. And there is no end in sight other than mutual destruction. There appears to be no sense to any society that allows and rewards sociopaths as they clamber to the top. Rebel Voice wonders if our global society will ever improve, or are we destined to return to the stone-age and evolve as Morlocks? Some might say the Morlocks already live among us, and wear a human skin.

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